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HN THEMATICS is an innovative sponsorship program produced by Hospitality Net. Designed to be a collaborative venture, this program offers sponsors the opportunity to be actively involved as co-creators of digital content, allowing them to showcase their brand while sharing knowledge and insights around a theme of their choice.


  1. Theme Selection by the Sponsor: The core of HN Thematics revolves around a theme chosen by the sponsor, ensuring that the content produced is in line with their expertise, interests, and business objectives.

  2. A three-month campaign: HN thematics span three consecutive months, during which content assets will be collaboratively developed, published, promoted, and provided to the sponsor for their own marketing endeavours.

  3. Co-Creation of Content: This isn't just about passive sponsorship. Sponsors are actively involved in the ideation, creation, and refinement of the content, making it a true partnership with Hospitality Net.

  4. Diverse Content Portfolio: Each Thematics campaign guarantees the production of at least fourteen distinct digital content assets. This could include World Panel Viewpoints, thought leadership articles, one-to-one video interviews, podcasts, webinars, explainers, and more, depending on the theme and the sponsor's preferences.

  5. Publication and Promotion: Once created, all content assets are prominently featured on Hospitality Net’s ecosystem, reaching its vast audience of industry professionals at a global scale. The promotional strategy ensures maximum visibility and engagement.

  6. Extended Marketing Benefits: Beyond the reach of Hospitality Net, sponsors can repurpose and utilize these content assets in their own marketing channels, further amplifying their reach and providing a consistent brand message.

  7. Educational Focus: While brand promotion is a key aspect of the program, the primary objective of HN Thematics is to inform and educate. This positions the sponsor not just as a brand, but also as a thought leader in the industry and theme being covered.


  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility: By partnering with Hospitality Net, sponsors get to position their brand in front of a global audience.

  2. Thought Leadership: Being a co-creator allows sponsors to establish themselves as industry leaders and experts on their chosen theme.

  3. Customized Content: The co-creation approach ensures that the content reflects the sponsor’s voice, message, and brand identity.

  4. Multi-Channel Marketing: The flexibility to use the content on multiple platforms provides a holistic marketing approach.

  5. ROI: With a multi-faceted promotional approach and the leverage to reuse content, sponsors get significant value for their investment.





World Panel Viewpoints


Production of 2 co-created World Panel Viewpoints, championed by the sponsor. Sponsors can select participating experts. (sample)

Insiders Conversation & Podcast Episode


A senior-level sponsor executive in a conversation with an industry consultant, hotelier, or other domain expert. Output published in video and audio format. (video sample) (see details) (podcast sample)

Opinion Article


Publication and distribution of 2 thought leadership pieces authored by a senior-level sponsor executive. (sample) (see guidelines)

Online Panel Discussion


A 20-minute panel dialogue where the sponsor engages as a specialist, aligned with the theme of the sponsorship. (sample)

Explainer Articles


HN will publish and circulate four Explainer articles penned by the sponsor, consistent with the theme of the sponsorship. (sample)

Longtail Content Teasers


HN will write and release four editorial articles detailing results and insights from co-created content tied to the sponsorship (viewpoints, panel, podcast).

Dedicated mailshot


Upon concluding the sponsorship, HN will craft a mailer to its subscribers, showcasing all the collaboratively developed content under the sponsorship's theme.

Hot Topic Section on HN


All collaboratively produced materials will be showcased in a specialized "Hot Topic" segment on the Hospitality Net website.

LinkedIn Coverage


Dedicated posts in HN's LinkedIn community.

An HN Thematics campaign has a duration of 3 months

All content assets include sponsor branding and CTAs

All content assets are made available to the sponsor


EUR€ 25,000


HN Thematics offers a unique blend of branding, education, and co-creation, ensuring that sponsors not only get to promote their brand but also engage deeply with their target audience. By focusing on collaborative content creation around meaningful themes, Hospitality Net ensures that these campaigns are both impactful and informative.

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