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Opinion Article Guidelines
Opinion Article Guidelines

Information for thought-leadership authors

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Welcome to the editorial guidelines for the publication of opinion pieces on Hospitality Net, designed to ensure that all content meets our standards for quality, relevance, and integrity.


  1. Content Originality - All submissions should be original works authored by the sender or their organization. By preference, articles should not have been published elsewhere prior to submission to Hospitality Net.

  2. Intellectual Property Rights - By submitting content to Hospitality Net, you automatically grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, publish, distribute, and display the content in any of our publications or platforms. This license includes the right to modify the content to ensure compatibility with our editorial guidelines and to enhance readability, without materially changing its original intent. You confirm that you have the right to grant this license for any content you submit, and that the submission does not infringe on the rights of any third parties.

  3. Non-Commercial Focus - Opinion articles should focus on insights, analysis, and discussions relevant to the hospitality industry without promoting specific products, services, or companies. While referencing commercial entities for context is acceptable, articles should not serve as advertisements or include promotional content that could be construed as commercial endorsements.

  4. Relevance and Audience Engagement - Submissions should be relevant to the hospitality industry and aim to engage industry professionals by addressing current trends, challenges, or innovations. Articles should provide valuable perspectives that contribute to professional growth and understanding within the sector.

  5. 5Editorial Standards - Articles must adhere to high editorial standards, including quality in writing, research, and argumentation. Submissions should be well-structured, clearly articulated, and free from grammatical errors. We encourage a professional yet accessible tone that resonates with a diverse readership spanning various levels of expertise within the hospitality industry.

  6. Citations and References - When citing data, publications, or any external sources, contributors must provide proper attributions and ensure that their sources are credible and appropriately referenced. This transparency supports the factual accuracy of content and enables readers to verify information independently.

  7. Ethics and Responsibility - Opinion pieces should be written with ethical considerations in mind, treating subjects with fairness and respect. Articles must not include defamatory, plagiaristic, or offensive content. We encourage writers to uphold the dignity of all individuals and groups and to promote inclusivity in their discussions.

  8. Authorship and Transparency - Authors must clearly identify themselves in their submissions, providing their credentials and any relevant background that establishes their expertise and authority in the subject matter. This transparency fosters trust and credibility with our readership.

  9. Updates and Amendments - Hospitality Net reserves the right to update these guidelines as necessary to respond to emerging trends and standards in publishing and the hospitality industry. Contributors are encouraged to review these guidelines periodically to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

  10. Publication Discretion - Hospitality Net reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse publication of any submitted content or to remove content already published on any of its platforms. This right may be exercised at any time, without the need for providing a reason, particularly in cases where the content is found to violate our editorial guidelines, infringe upon intellectual property rights, or is deemed inappropriate for our readership. Hospitality Net is not obligated to provide feedback, justification, or enter into correspondence regarding its decision to refuse or remove content.

Articles typically run from 800 to 1,200 words, but submissions of any length will be considered.

Our preferred text formats are Word, HTML, or any standard text format (no PDF please).

Because we prefer to use high-quality headshots which we can also use offline, we would like a resolution from at least 200x200 pixels. File format can be JPG, PDF, or PSD.

To set up an author profile, please send the author's full name, position, and a one-paragraph bio. The author's bio will be included with each opinion article. The author's bio should be delivered in text format, no longer than 100 words (see sample). 

We recommend combining each article with a hero image (see sample). Please do send them over as separate files in JPG, PDF, or PSD format. Please make sure your lead image has a minimum dimension of 780 pixels wide and 520 pixels high. Contributors must own or have explicit permission to use any intellectual property included in their submissions, including, images, videos, or any other creative content.

Should you have any images or photos embedded in your body text, please submit them as separate files in JPG, PDF, or PSD format. Make sure these images have a minimum dimension of 780 pixels wide and 520 pixels high.

Submissions may be sent by email to [email protected]. Make sure to include:

  • Author headshot

  • Author one-paragraph bio

  • Author LinkedIn page

  • Author email address

  • Article title and body text


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