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Prepare for an HNtv INSIDERS session
Prepare for an HNtv INSIDERS session

Things Hosts and Guests should know before a recording

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THANK YOU for agreeing to participate in a Hospitality Net INSIDERS conversation! I think you will enjoy the experience, and I know that visitors to the site will appreciate your insights and opinions.

To assure that this peer-to-peer conversation is not only one that produces some real food for thought, but is also natural and relaxed, we have conceived of INSIDERS as a chat between knowledgeable decision-makers who also know each other already as friends. Since this is an unusual format, I would just like to give you another overview of how it works, and some possible guidelines to help you.

Unmoderated Conversation

An HNtv INSIDERS conversation is not moderated like an interview or conventional panel discussion. There is no journalist or subject expert conducting the discussion or trying to steer it in any particular direction. Instead, we hope that the dialogue between you and your conversation partner will unfold naturally, with each of you acting as both interviewer and interviewee.

Since the value to listeners is to understand more about the subject you’re discussing – gain a real insider’s take on it – of course, we want you to explore it in some depth. This may mean supporting each other’s comments with opinions, examples and knowledge of your own, but it can also mean being open to polite disagreement and dissecting the reasons why you disagree. You and your discussion partner are the only people who will determine where the conversation leads.

Tips for a probing conversation

Even though HNtv INSIDERS dialogues are unscripted, having your first question prepared in advance, to kick off the conversation, can be a good idea. After that, we hope you’ll simply have an enjoyable, naturally flowing conversation.

That said, you may want to make use of some interviewer’s tips to keep the conversation lively and more importantly, to reveal insights and opinions of real substance. Here are a few pointers:

  • Start the dialogue in a way that reflects the fact that the host and guest know each other well. Feel free to ask how your guest is doing and where he or she is tuning in from. A good off-topic question can be a good way to start before entering the subject matter of the conversation.

  • Prepare a list of talking points. It is recommended that both host and guest prepare a shortlist of topics and questions which can be addressed during the conversation.

  • Ask follow-up questions. “What do you mean? Is that realistic? How would that work? What would that mean for…?” etc.

  • Good questions arise from genuine curiosity. “That’s interesting, why do you think that? I’ve never heard of that before, tell me more. Good point – explain that.” etc.

  • By listening well, the next question will probably come naturally.

  • In general, allow your partner to go on, and only interrupt in the interest of time, not to cut off the subject.

  • Disagree if you want to, but politely. “Actually, my take on that is quite different; I would say…. I’m not sure I agree with your premise, and here’s why…. That doesn’t sound like something that would work; have you tried it out?” etc.

  • Changing the subject. “This is all really interesting, and I know there’s a lot more we could say about this topic, but I’d also like to ask you about…”


  • How and when to connect: Hospitality Net will provide all details via email.

  • Lenght of your session: Minimum of 30 minutes; preferably not longer than an hour.

  • Publication: HNtv INSIDERS sessions are recorded and are typically published no later than 5 days after recording. HNtv INSIDERS sessions will be published on Hospitality Net & youtube and promoted on HN's social channels.

  • Once published, the Guest is invited to become the Host for a next INSIDERS conversation, inviting a new industry executive to join him or her in a new one-on-one dialogue, and the process continues. Ultimately, this produces a chain of conversations.


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