HNtv INSIDERS: Hotel ICON ~ The First 10 years And Beyond

A candid but in-depth discussion between Terence and Richard Hatter, GM of Hotel ICON Hong Kong, and Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Hospitality Tourism Management – SHTM PolyU, about how Hotel ICON came to be and how it continues to live up to its name in the Hong Kong landscape. They cover a wide range of topics from putting people first and understanding the needs of the customer [CRM], EVs, CSR amid a contactless environment, and the importance of design. James Bond even gets a look-see in their discussion as they entertain thoughts of a nice Cigar to cap the session.


HNtv INSIDERS - A Conversation Between Willem Both, EVP IT at Kerzner International, and Carson Booth, HFTP Board Member

In this conversation, mutual friends and former colleagues at Starwood, Willem Both (EVP Information Technology at Kerzner International) and Carson Booth (HFTP Board Member) share some of their memories at Starwood and discuss their joint thoughts on tech budgeting and ROI, as well as the lasting trend of self-service and contactless travel.


HNtv INSIDERS - Discussing the need for transformational thinking in hospitality

A conversation between Michael Levie and David Keen, Co-Founders of KUBE Ventures.

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