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HYB 2023 - Technology Edition
HYB 2023 - Technology Edition

About the publication, its annual theme, editorial focus, and deadlines

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HYB 2023 - The Hotel Yearbook is back!

After 2 years of COVID-related absence, The HOTEL yearbook TECHNOLOGY Edition is set to make a comeback in 2023. HYB's newly formed advisory board is currently in the process of building a unique lineup of industry executives, academics, and other domain experts who will be supporting HYB's initiative.

First published in 2007, The Hotel Yearbook (HYB) is a family of publications that call upon a wide-ranging group of senior executives, analysts, consultants, and opinion leaders worldwide to give their expert view on "What lies ahead for the global hotel industry?" In The Hotel Yearbook TECHNOLOGY Edition, forward-looking contributors share the key trends and developments that they believe will shape the immediate future of applied technologies in the global hotel business. Learn more at

HYB Technology 2023 - Annual Theme

"The New Hospitality Tech Stack"

A new and emerging tech stack for hotels is transforming the hospitality industry by allowing hotels to be far more agile in their technology choices and at the same time offer more personalized, efficient, and convenient experiences to guests. Cloud computing, IoT devices, and AI-powered systems are being used to manage reservations, track guest preferences and behavior, automate various functions, and offer 24/7 support. The adoption of the latest technology is critical for hotels to stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry, with the added benefit of increasing revenue and profitability by optimizing pricing, inventory, and marketing strategies.

HYB 2023 - Key Dates

  • The Hotel Yearbook TECHNOLOGY Edition will officially by launched in conjunction with HITEC Toronto (June 26 - 29 2023)



HYB 2023 - Editorial Segments

General Themes

  • Irreversible changes in the hospitality tech stack

  • The Generative AI revolution

  • IT's role to play in sustainability goals

  • Evolving "digital" Consumer Behavior

  • Evolving Cloud Infrastructure

  • Integrating new tech in legacy systems

  • Growing threats in cybersecurity

  • Advancements and opportunities in AI

  • Advancements in robotics

  • Advancements in data sovereignty

  • Advancements in Metaverse and WEB3

Back of House

  • Property Management (PMS)

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Finance & Accounting (ERP)

  • Payment Solutions

  • CRM

  • Procurement

  • Access & Security

  • Cloud storage

  • Data privacy & cybersecurity

  • Energy Management

Distribution & Revenue

  • Revenue Management

  • Upselling

  • Channel Management

  • Web Booking Engines

  • Central Reservation Systems

  • Digital Marketing - Advertising

  • Digital Marketing - SEO

Guest Facing

  • In-Room Tablets

  • Contactless Checkin

  • Chatbots & Guest Messaging

  • Reputation Management

  • Hospitality TV

  • Mobile Key & Keyless Entry

HYB 2023 - Format

  • HYB 2023 will be published as a 100% DIGITAL/online publication on The full publication as well as all individual articles will also be available in downloadable PDF format.

  • Author profiles include C-Suite industry executives, academics, consultants, and other high-level domain experts.

  • Each one of the editorial themes (listed above) will be covered with 2 insightful articles of 1000 words in length. Click here to view editorial guidelines.

  • Combined with a series of CIO interviews, the 2023 compendium will consist of approximately 50 original articles.

  • The editorial deadline is FRIDAY JUNE 9th 2023; the publication date is JUNE 25th 2023 (during HITEC Toronto).

HYB 2023 - Samples

Click any of the below links to access HYB article samples in various formats;

HYB 2023 - Reach

  • HYB projects a global reach of 100K global readers

  • HYB's main distribution channel is Hospitality Net (see stats)

  • Additional distribution is guaranteed through active promotion during HITEC Toronto

  • Additional distribution is guaranteed through HYB's partner network (see below)

  • HYB 2023 will be actively promoted on social channels

HYB 2023 - Distribution Partners

Apart from publication on HYB's website, HYB 2023 will be distributed via a network of distribution partners.

HYB 2023 - Contributing Organizations

HYB TECHNOLOGY Edition 2023 will include contributed articles from organizations throughout the broad spectrum of the hospitality business.

  • Contributing partners are being released early by mid-April 2023.


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