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HYB 2023 - Editorial Guidelines
HYB 2023 - Editorial Guidelines

What we are looking for...

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HYB 2023 - Technology Theme:
"The New Hospitality Tech Stack"

A new and emerging tech stack for hotels is transforming the hospitality industry by allowing hotels to be far more agile in their technology choices and at the same time offer more personalized, efficient, and convenient experiences to guests. Cloud computing, IoT devices, and AI-powered systems are being used to manage reservations, track guest preferences and behavior, automate various functions, and offer 24/7 support. The adoption of the latest technology is critical for hotels to stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry, with the added benefit of increasing revenue and profitability by optimizing pricing, inventory, and marketing strategies.

HYB 2023 - What We Are Looking For

The easiest way to ensure that your article will be a perfect fit with our editorial concept is to imagine that it could be entitled "Three Scenarios We may see in XYZ in the Next X Year(s)" (where "XYZ" is the agreed theme of your contribution, e.g. "Human Capital" or "Real Estate", etc.) A good way to have a look at what your article can look like is by having a look at one of HYB's previous publications

HYB 2023 - Editorial Segments

โ€‹General Themes

  • Irreversible changes in the hospitality tech stack

  • The Generative AI revolution

  • IT's role to play in sustainability goals

  • Evolving "digital" Consumer Behavior

  • Evolving Cloud Infrastructure

  • Integrating new tech in legacy systems

  • Growing threats in cybersecurity

  • Advancements and opportunities in AI

  • Advancements in robotics

  • Advancements in data sovereignty

  • Advancements in Metaverse and WEB3

Back Of House

  • Property Management (PMS)

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Finance & Accounting (ERP)

  • Payment Solutions

  • CRM

  • Procurement

  • Access & Security

  • Cloud storage

  • Data privacy & cybersecurity

  • Energy Management

Distribution & Revenue

  • Revenue Management

  • Upselling

  • Channel Management

  • Web Booking Engines

  • Central Reservation Systems

  • Digital Marketing - Advertising

  • Digital Marketing - SEO

Guest Facing

  • In-Room Tablets

  • Contactless Checkin

  • Chatbots & Guest Messaging

  • Reputation Management

  • Hospitality TV

  • Mobile Key & Keyless Entry

Please follow these simple guidelines

Before You Start Writing

Before starting to write your contribution, please let us know 1) the selected topic/theme, author details, as well as your expected article delivery date.

Focus On The Future

Our readers want to know where we are heading. Nobody has a crystal ball, but how do YOU think things will develop in your specific area of interest and expertise? Can you explain why you are expecting changes? What factors will be influential in shaping the future?

Be Personal, Informal, Conversational

We appreciate working with you as an author because we believe your perspective and insights are valuable. Our readers will feel the same way. The best articles in The HOTEL Yearbook tend to be those with an informal feel. So please break the journalistic taboo against saying "I" and feel free to express your ideas by freely saying "I think that...".

No Infomercials Please

Please note that articles may not refer to the author's companies or products by name, or make product comparisons. The objective of The HOTEL Yearbook is to position its authors as opinion and thought leaders rather than promoters of specific commercial activity.

Article Length

Your article can be either around 1000 words (2 pages) or 1500 words (3 pages).

Title Length

Your article title should not be longer than 85 characters.

Deliverables & Creatives

Upon delivery of your article, please make sure to deliver:

  • The contributed article in plain text or WORD format

  • Please include the author's name, title, and email address

  • A hi-res version of the author's headshot

  • A one-paragraph author bio (max 100 words)

  • A hi-res version of your company logo

  • A current version of your company boilerplate

  • Your article title should not be longer than 85 characters!

Delivery Deadline

  • The delivery deadline for your article is JUNE 9TH 2023.

  • Publication is on JUNE 25TH, 2023 (First day of HITEC)

Links To Samples

Click any of the below links to access HYB article samples in various formats;

Footnotes, References, Bibliography, Etc.

The HOTEL Yearbook is not an academic journal, so please do not include footnotes or bibliographies! You may however include hyperlinks to external sources in the body text of your article.

HYB Liason

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact Henri Roelings at [email protected].

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