Focus on educational and original content

  • In partnership with its members, HN aims to focus 100% on creating and publishing relevant, educational, and original content which is first published on HN. In all aspects of its publishing efforts, HN aims to act as a global information gateway and optimize visibility for its member organizations.

Introducing Unlimited Membership

  • By introducing HN UNLIMITED Membership, HN wants to partner with innovative suppliers that shape the future of hospitality, allowing them to amplify and expand ALL of their publishing and thought-leadership efforts on HN. LEARN MORE IN: HN UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP

Getting involved in World Panel Councils

  • Actively participate in shaping content and topics that are being covered in a World Panel, setting you apart as a bold voice in your segments of the hospitality industry. LEARN MORE IN: 2023 THOUGHT LEADERSHIP

Launching World Panel Sponsorships

Getting coverage with INSIDERS video conversations

  • HN's INSIDERS is a platform for one-on-one video-based dialogues between two industry executives discussing a topic of current interest to hospitality business leaders. LEARN MORE IN: 2023 THOUGHT LEADERSHIP

Introducing CTA (call-to-action) capabilities

  • Exclusively available only in unlimited membership tier, this new feature enables you to build a collection of CTAs and dynamically include them in content posted on our platform. LEARN MORE IN: UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP

HN Masterclasses

HN 2023 Editorial calendar

  • Align your content and advertising strategy in line with HN's new editorial calendar. LEARN MORE

New Industry Partner Bundles

  • Work with us on a more strategic year-long level. HN's new Partner Bundles include different and unique ways to engage with our global viewership. LEARN MORE

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