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2024 MEMBERSHIP TIERS (event organizer)
2024 MEMBERSHIP TIERS (event organizer)

Overview of membership levels and benefits

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Hospitality Net is a Membership organization. Getting listed or having your content published on our portal REQUIRES an active Hospitality Net MEMBERSHIP.

Here's an overview of available membership tiers:

Choose this membership tier in case:

  • you are just interested in being listed and indexed on HN and its search engine.

  • you are interested in listing your event(s) on HN and its search engine.

  • You are not planning to publish any press releases, explainers, or opinion articles.

Here's an overview of membership features & benefits:

  1. Your in-person events listed on industry calendar - sample

  2. Your virtual events and webinars listed on industry calendar - sample

  3. Total of 2 event features in Hospitality Net's daily newsletter - sample

  4. Detailed organization profile listing your events - sample

  5. Your social channels integrated into organization profile - sample

  6. Optimized search exposure on Hospitality Net - sample

  7. Enhanced visibility on - sample

  8. Publish appointments in your organization - sample

  9. Basic Membership includes 1 complimentary content publication



Cost in US$


Cost in €


US$ 850

€ 750

Choose this membership tier in case:

  • you plan to publish press releases and opinion articles on a regular basis.

Here's an overview of membership features & benefits:

  1. Same features and benefits as LEVEL 1 - BASIC Membership

  2. UNLIMITED publication of press releases, opinions, and explainers.

  3. Publish and amplify press releases - sample - sample

  4. Publish and amplify opinion articles - sample - sample

  5. Opinion articles published on author profile - sample

  6. Publish explainers - samples

  7. Publish and amplify your podcast episodes - sample

  8. Detailed statistics made available 7 days after publication.

  9. All published content items featured in HN's daily newsletter


# of content credits*

Annual Cost in USD$

Annual Cost in EUR€


USD$ 1,250

EUR€ 1,150


USD$ 2,150

EUR€ 1,950


USD$ 3,550

EUR€ 3,200

*Content credits are a member's 'currency' to publish content on Hospitality Net. Each one of the above-listed types of content requires one (1) content credit per published item.

Choose this membership tier in case:

  • you produce more than 20 content items per year (combined press releases, opinion articles, podcasts & explainers)

  • you are interested in sharing expert views in HN World Panel

  • you have a blog with highly informative articles

At HN we acknowledge the fact that vendors and suppliers are at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership in the hospitality industry. Many vendors do an unbelievable job of sharing their vision by publishing articles, blogs, podcasts, and webinars, or by participating in industry conferences.

By introducing the HN UNLIMITED membership, HN wants to PARTNER with innovative suppliers that shape the future of hospitality, allowing them to AMPLIFY industry expertise, and EXPAND their publishing efforts on the world's leading B2B hospitality platform.

Here's an overview of membership features & benefits:

The same features and benefits as the BASIC and NEWSWIRE membership, plus:

  1. unlimited expert participation in HN World Panel

  2. unlimited publication of press releases and opinion articles

  3. unlimited publication of your non-commercial blog articles

  4. unlimited publication of podcasts and videos

Click here to learn more about HN UNLIMITED membership.


Annual Cost in US$

Annual Cost in EUR€

USD$ 5,500

EUR€ 5,000

Questions? Use our chat function (bottom right of this page), or contact Jill Dassen.

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