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About the Nonprofit Discount
About the Nonprofit Discount
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Hospitality Net Membership has a variety of features to help nonprofit organizations thrive, and we offer a 50% discount to verified nonprofit organizations and charities. In this article, you’ll learn about our nonprofit discount and how to submit a discount request.

Things to know

Here are some things to know about the nonprofit discount.

  • Hospitality Net only applies the nonprofit discount to its membership tiers.

  • Nonprofit discounts are not applicable for other Hospitality Net products (thought leadership and on-demand solutions).

  • Hospitality Net cannot provide retroactive discounts or refunds on past purchases.

  • If you have questions about our discount policies that aren’t answered here, please contact us via [email protected].

Who's Eligible

  • Professional associations

  • National/regional/city/state hotel associations

  • Charities/ Foundations

  • Schools & Universities

United States

  • If your organization is based in the United States, you’ll need to provide a digital copy of your official 501c3 determination letter.


  • If you’re a nonprofit based outside the United States, provide a link to your organization’s website. We’ll review your request and let you know if we require additional proof of your nonprofit status.

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