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HYB - Advertisment SPECS
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When crafting advertisements for The HOTEL Yearbook, it is essential to adhere to a set of well-defined guidelines to ensure the integrity and consistency of the publication. Advertisements should be visually appealing, maintaining a professional and sophisticated aesthetic that aligns with the high standards of the HOTEL Yearbook.


FULL-PAGE Sponsor Advertisement

  • 8.75 inch x 11.25 inch (0.125 bleed)

  • 222 mm x 286 mm (3.175 mm bleed)


  • Images should be 300 ppi resolution

  • All fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines

  • All colors should be created in the cymk format. Please make sure NO Spot colors are in use in the document. Although we can convert spot colors to the CMYK format, it is considered best practice to convert them before creating the PDF file.

  • Flatten all transparent layers and vector objects

  • Your PDF should be a single-page layout

  • Pages should be set up as portrait orientation (if you choose to make a landscape book, the pages should still be oriented as portrait and the page size should be adjusted accordingly)

  • Ensure that your page spreads are lined up properly in your source file. The first page of your print-ready PDF will be on the right-hand side of your book, opposite the inside of the front cover. Accordingly, odd-numbered pages in your file will be printed on the right side of the book, and even-numbered pages on the left.

  • Size your PDF pages to match the book you’re creating. Include the bleed dimensions of 0.125 in for your document.

  • Allow a 0.50 in Safety Margin for all content

  • Allow a minimum 0.20 in Gutter margin for the inner edge of all pages

  • Do NOT include trim or bleed marks in your PDF

  • Do NOT use any security/password file protection


Send ad files to [email protected]
Files too large to e-mail, please contact HYB for instructions.

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