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Invitation to join CIO World Panel
Invitation to join CIO World Panel
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Dear industry colleague,

We are delighted to extend a special invitation for you to participate in an exclusive, by-invitation-only CIO panel organized by Hospitality Net.

The primary aim of this 'virtual' Panel is to bring together a select group of senior IT executives to engage in high-level discussions and exchange expert views that are vital to our industry's advancement.

Panel Structure and Participation

  • By invitation only: Participation is strictly by invitation, ensuring a high-caliber and relevant group of peers.

  • Focused Discussions: The panel revolves around a maximum of six viewpoints per calendar year. Each viewpoint is a topic or issue proposed by a panel member, inviting rich and diverse perspectives from fellow participants.

  • Expert Contribution: As a panel member, you are encouraged to propose viewpoints, and equally, to contribute your opinions and expertise on topics introduced by others.

  • Minimum time commitment: Participation in a panel discussion, initiated through an email invitation and conducted online, offers a time-efficient method to exchange and articulate views on a wide range of subjects. The process is designed to be concise, usually not exceeding 20 minutes of your time.

  • Published Insights: The collective wisdom and discussions of the panel will be shared with a broader audience, as they will be published* on Hospitality Net within its World Panel platform.

Why Join

  • Influence the Industry: Your collective voice and insights have the power to influence trends and decisions in hotel technology and the broader role technology plays in the hospitality ecosystem.

  • Network with Peers: Engage with other industry leaders, creating a valuable network for sharing best practices and innovative ideas.

  • Enhance Your Personal Brand: Being a panel member not only elevates your professional profile but also positions you as a thought leader on Hospitality Net, the world's leading portal for hospitality professionals.


Next Step

  • If you are interested in accepting this invitation, please reply by using the below link. Upon confirmation, you will receive further details about the panel schedule and guidelines for participation.

We are excited about the potential of your involvement and look forward to your positive response. Together, let's shape the future of hospitality technology!

Warm regards,

Henri Roelings

Founder - Hospitality Net

* Experts have the opportunity to contribute their insights anonymously, allowing for open and candid discussions without the constraints of public attribution.

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