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General Managers (GM) World Panel

By Hospitality Net and EHL Hospitality Business School

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Hospitality Net (HN) and EHL Hospitality Business School are inviting hotel General Managers (GMs) to participate in a unique opportunity to share their insights and experience on a virtual, global thought-leadership platform.


Starting from April 2023, leading EHL academics will be polling participating GMs on topics such as human capital, technology, sustainability, food and beverage, guest satisfaction, loyalty, and more. The panel aims to gather valuable insights and opinions from experienced hotel professionals like yourself on the most pressing issues facing hotel operations today. We aim to run the panel for an initial period of one year during which we hope to submit a total of 12 panel viewpoints (one per month). Click here to see a sample World Panel.


Each month you will receive an email inviting you to submit your personal "GM view" based on a viewpoint or question which is formulated by an EHL academic. As a panelist, we simply ask you to submit a short and concise opinion/answer which should not be longer than 3 paragraphs. This should not take you any longer than 15 minutes to redact.


The panel will consist of at least 30 hotel GMs, spread over all continents, mainly active in the luxury, upper upscale, upscale, and upper midscale segments. We are looking to form a panel consisting of an equal number of men and women. It is important to us to ensure gender balance and diversity in our panel, and we believe that having an equal number of male and female panelists will provide a more well-rounded and inclusive opinion platform.


As a participating GM, your participation and opinions will gain premium exposure on two unique platforms. First of all, each panel viewpoint will be published on Hospitality Net, the #1 B2B portal for hoteliers (see sample viewpoint). Secondly, EHL Hospitality Business School will be authoring an editorial article for each viewpoint, that will be published on the EHL Insights website.


As a respected leader in the hospitality industry, your input is invaluable, and we believe that your participation in this virtual panel will be of great benefit to all involved. We anticipate a lively discussion and the sharing of knowledge and ideas that will help shape the future of the industry.

Please join us in this exciting initiative by registering your interest to participate.

Henri Roelings (EHL 86)

Founder & CEO

Hospitality Net

+31 6 3195 6358

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