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Ways to participate in The HOTEL yearbook 2024

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2024 THEME

Seamless Integration: The Age of Smart Hospitality

We are thrilled to introduce our 2024 annual yearbook's theme for this year: "Seamless Integration: The Age of Smart Hospitality". This theme is a tribute to the revolutionary shift in the hotel industry, ushered in by groundbreaking technological innovations. It's a journey into how smart technology is seamlessly woven into every aspect of hospitality, creating an unprecedented guest experience, and exploring new tech-based business models, that deliver crucial gains in operating efficiency. From AI-powered personalization to sophisticated contactless services, and from sustainable tech practices to the futuristic use of robotics and virtual reality, this theme is an exploration of the industry's cutting edge.

For our contributors, this represents a unique opportunity to align with the forefront of hotel technology, showcasing your domain expertise and strategic vision to an audience passionate about modern, efficient, and sophisticated hospitality solutions.

Key Dates:

  • Editorial deadline: 01 June 2024

  • Publication Date: 25 June 2024 (HITEC CHARLOTTE)

HYB 2024 themes/topics

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Smart Buildings

  • Moving to a new Tech Stack

  • Revenue Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Guest Messaging

  • Asset Management

  • Guest Arrival/Check-In

  • More... Contributors can propose new themes/topics

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Selecting a PMS

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Hotel Reviews

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Food & Beverage

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Sustainable Tech

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Guest Loyalty

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Hotel Robots

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Distribution

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Online Advertising

  • DO’s and DONT’s in selecting a Chatbot

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Managing Data

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Cybersecurity

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Procurement

  • DO’s and DONT’s in Payments


Format 1: Thought Leadership Article

For thought-leadership-style articles in the yearbook, we recommend a forward-looking approach, where authors share their personal insights and professional perspectives on future trends and developments in the hotel industry. The article should begin with an engaging introduction that not only outlines the author's viewpoint but also emphasizes the forward-looking angle of the topic. The main body should present a compelling, well-argued opinion, focusing on future projections and possibilities, possibly supported by real-world examples, personal experiences, and relevant industry data. The content must maintain clarity of thought and a logical progression of ideas, addressing both sides of any argument for a balanced perspective, but culminating in a well-defined, forward-looking stance. The conclusion should be strong and reflective, succinctly summarizing the key points and offering a thought-provoking vision for the future. While the tone can be subjective, it should remain professional and respectful, to engage, inform, and stimulate forward-thinking among readers. To ensure the content is concise and impactful, authors should adhere to a set word count limit of 1000 words.

Format 2: DO’s and DON'TS

The "Do's and Don'ts" article format offers a clear and actionable approach, ideal for conveying best practices and cautionary advice in specific disciplines of the hotel industry. In this format, each article starts with a short introduction that outlines the topic's relevance and sets the goal of providing practical guidelines. The main body is divided into two sections: The Do's and The Don'ts. Each 'Do' details recommended practices, explaining their benefits and why they are essential, while each 'Don't' highlights common mistakes, outlining potential negative impacts and reasons to avoid them. The article concludes with a summary recapping the main points and a final thought that encourages the implementation of the do's and cautious avoidance of the don'ts. HYB aims to maintain a balance between comprehensiveness and readability. To achieve this, we set a guideline of not exceeding 10 points for each category - a maximum of 15 "Do's" and 15 "Don'ts". This approach ensures that the article remains focused and digestible for the reader.



  • ARTICLE: Your article published as part of HYB 2025 Annual Edition - sample

    • EITHER thought leadership format OR 'do's and don'ts' format

    • 1000 Words Maximum - see guidelines

    • Includes audio narration and link to website.

  • Article rotates in HYB Edition homepage - sample

  • Article downloadable as separate PDF - sample

  • Article included in full-edition PDF - sample

  • Article published on Hospitality Net - sample

  • Article included in HN daily newsletter - sample

  • Enhanced tool to share on LinkedIn - sample

  • Article to be part of an HYB promotional drive on social media

  • Article promoted by HYB partners

  • Delivery of your article in PDF format for your marketing purposes

  • COST: 3,000 EUR

PACKAGE 2 - PUBLICATION SPONSOR (3 pages + ad + banners)

  • Includes all features and benefits of PACKAGE 1 (see details above), plus:

  • Logo+link featured throughout publication home page (banner)

  • Logo+link featured in the footer section of ALL HYB articles (banner)

  • Full-page advertisement integrated into full-edition PDF

  • Unlimited license to use yearbook contents for own marketing purposes

  • Limited to 4 available positions.

  • COST: 6,000 EUR

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