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Creativity and industry involvement drives our future... Published for more than 25 years, Hospitality Net is regarded as a highly trusted source where industry leaders and experts go to learn, share and connect. Based on its proprietary publishing and syndication platform, Hospitality Net enables its members to reach and communicate with highly targeted audience groups in the global hospitality vertical.

MEMBERSHIP is HN's bundled annual solution for gaining effective year long visibility on Hospitality Net. Membership enables you to get listed and indexed on HN, and publish/amplify press releases, opinion & thought leadership articles, explainers, podcasts, events & webinars, appointments, and more!

Membership starts from USD$ 750 per year - LEARN MORE

Set yourself apart as a bold voice in the hospitality industry. Available options include World Panel EXPERT SEAT, HN MASTERCLASSES, HN INSIDER Conversations, sponsored - World Panel - VIEWPOINTS, PANELS, WEBINARS, and World Panel COUNCIL MEMBER SEAT.

Thought leadership solutions start from USD $990 per year - LEARN MORE

Advertising options for short-term targeted exposure. Available options include BANNER campaigns, EDM Mailshot campaigns, HN PUSH campaigns, Express Videos (for trade show presence, press releases, and product updates)

On demand solutions start from USD $600 - LEARN MORE

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