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Preparing for your HN Masterclass
Preparing for your HN Masterclass

All you need to know for your scheduled masterclass recording

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What is a masterclass?

If you search online, there are a variety of definitions of the term “masterclass.” Is it a class only for experts, or taught by an expert? Should it take beginners from A-Z in an intensive burst of learning, or be spread out over a week or more? Can a masterclass be a series or is it always a standalone event? Is a masterclass a workshop, a course, or something else? And what happens when learners attend?

You can design and market your online masterclass however you want, but certain key elements are common to most masterclasses and meet learners’ expectations of what exactly a masterclass is.

Common elements of masterclasses

  • One-time event
    The masterclass might be spread over multiple sessions, but it is time constrained – i.e., you aren’t selling an annual subscription or membership

  • Taught by a subject matter expert
    AKA you and usually (though not always) with the opportunity to interact with you directly, whether through live online sessions, discussion boards, or possibly even good old-fashioned phone calls

  • Highly motivated, focused attendees
    Usually (though not always) people who know the basics and are looking to go deeper or get a more specialized view of a topic

That’s really it. As long as you satisfy those simple, broad requirements, you’ve got the makings of a masterclass.

Masterclasses on Hospitality Net

  • Subject matter
    HN masterclasses should have relevance with a dedicated audience of professionals in the hospitality industry

  • Non-commercial
    HN masterclasses are designed to transfer knowledge to a captive audience without promoting or making references to specific brands, products, or suppliers.

  • Can I mention my company or products?
    You are able to mention the company you work for when introducing yourself. Feel free to finish your masterclass by mentioning your commercial offering.

  • Duration
    HN masterclasses have a duration anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes max.

  • Sharing content during your Masterclass
    During your masterclass, you will be able to share your screen for PowerPoint presentations or sharing web content. The platform we use is

  • Preparing your storyline
    Make sure to prepare and rehearse your presentation prior to the actual recording session. Make sure to stick to these basic segments:

    • Introduce yourself and your company (1 minute)

    • Introduce the masterclass topic/theme/subject (2 minutes)

    • Main masterclass content (30 to 45 minutes)

    • Thank the audience (1 minute)

    • Introduce your company and products (up to 3 minutes)

What we need from your end prior to the recording

  1. Presenter, name, short bio, and a headshot image

  2. Masterclass title and a one-paragraph summary

  3. A copy of your proposed masterclass storyline

Recording & Recommended Setup

  • One week prior to the agreed masterclass recording, we will provide you a link where we will meet online.

  • Prior to the actual recording, we will provide you with instructions on how to share your screen and answer any questions you might have.

  • As a presenter, you'll need the following:

    • A laptop or desktop.

    • A recent version of Chrome or Firefox.

    • Earbuds recommended (alternatively your laptop mic).

    • A webcam.

    • A stable internet connection.

    • Additional instructions can be found here.

Masterclass Example

Click the below link to watch a masterclass example:

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