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Information for experts in HN World Panel
Information for experts in HN World Panel

All about how expert-participation in World Panel works

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Hospitality Net's World Panel is a thought-leadership platform where industry opinion leaders share insights, views, ideas, and reactions on important issues and events currently affecting the hospitality business. Each panel is made up of a select group of experts, and industry leaders who, by invitation, contribute succinct commentary on viewpoints that are suggested by panel-champs. Participation in the panel provides high-level exposure in the hospitality industry’s #1 ranked B2B portal (See why).

The best way to understand Hospitality Net's World Panel is to have a look first at some current samples which are available via this link. Current active panels include technology, digital marketing, sustainability, revenue management, spa & wellness, and a C-Suite Panel. Click here for a list of all active panels.


  • PANEL CHAMPS are the moderators/organizers of a particular World Panel. The Champ formulates viewpoints that are shared with Panel Experts. A panel can have one or multiple Champs.

  • PANEL EXPERTS are knowledgeable opinion-leaders within the topic/theme of each panel. Experts are invited by Panel Champs and can be active in any segment of the hospitality industry.

  • PANEL VIEWPOINTS are formulated by Panel Champs, this is the opinion or question that gets a Panel’s activity started. It is the Viewpoint that the Experts react/respond to with their own Views.

  • An EXPERT VIEW is the actual input/opinion given by you as an expert based on a panel viewpoint.


As a World Panel Expert we will invite you via email to voice your opinion on Viewpoints suggested by Panel Champs. Your view...

  • ... should represent a personal and concise opinion...

  • ... should not be longer than 2 or 3 paragraphs...

  • ... should not take more than 15 minutes to write...

  • ... can also be a recorded video-selfie instead of text...


If you are invited to join a panel as an expert, we will need some basic information to set up your Expert Profile (see sample 1 or sample 2). Here's what we need to set up your profile:

  • Your name and formal title...

  • A one-paragraph bio...

  • A hi-res headshot photo...

  • Your LinkedIn address...

  • Optional: Feel free to include your assistant's name and email address. This makes sure your assistant receives automatic CCs of all panel invites and reminders.

  • All information can be emailed to [email protected].

  • After your setup is complete, you will receive an opt-in email to confirm your presence in Hospitality Net World Panel. After confirmation, you're all done :-)


1 - NEW VIEWPOINT NOTIFICATION - As a Panel Expert, you receive an invitation-email each time a Panel Champ adds a new viewpoint to the panel. The email contains a description of the viewpoint and a link to submit your Expert View. The email also includes a deadline date and scheduled publication date of the viewpoint. See sample email

2 - REMINDER EMAIL - If you haven’t yet submitted your view, you will automatically receive a reminder email 48 hours prior to the deadline date. You can always decide to skip a viewpoint by clicking the ‘ Not this time’ link. See sample email

3 - SUBMITTING YOUR VIEW - The link in the invite email takes you to a webpage where you can submit your view. See sample submit screen.

  • Formulating your view should take no longer than 15 minutes (similar to expressing an opinion at a conference), a maximum of 2 or 3 paragraphs of text.

  • The text-entry form enables you to format your text and include clickable links in your submitted text.

  • You can also choose to anonymize your view, in which case your name will NOT be attributed to the submitted view.

  • Instead of a text-based view, you can send a video-selfie to [email protected].

4 - CONFIRM YOUR VIEW - Your submitted view will be checked on grammar mistakes and general formatting. Once reviewed, you will receive an email asking to validate/confirm your submitted view. At this stage, you either confirm your view or alternatively edit the text of your view.

5 - PUBLICATION OF YOUR VIEW - On the scheduled publication date, views of all individual contributing experts will be published in a single viewpoint article on Hospitality Net. See samples of published viewpoints

6 - CONFIRMATION EMAIL - Once a viewpoint is published, you will receive an email confirming the publication of your view. The email also contains links to promote your individual view on Linkedin and Facebook. See sample email

7 - VIEW ADDED TO EXPERT PROFILE - Your view will automatically be added to your personal expert page which lists an overview of submitted panel views. See sample

Thanks for contributing to HN World Panel!

Need support? Contact us via [email protected]


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