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I posted my news online - What's Next?
I posted my news online - What's Next?

More about publishing press releases and opinion articles

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Review by Hospitality Net

Before your contents get posted on our network, we review your contents for grammar mistakes, we check the formatting, we make sure your release is tagged in the right categories, and finally, we add geo-relevance if applicable. The review is normally done within an hour after uploading your contents (during office hours, MON through FRI, Central European Time)

Publication of news content

Immediately following Hospitality Net's review, your content will be published and available on Hospitality Net. You will receive a confirmation email (see sample below).

Publication Details Page

When you click the 'Publication Details' button in the confirmation email, you will access a page with additional resources (see below image).

The 'Publication Details' page allows you to access additional resources:

  1. You can 'share' your press release on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

  2. You can forward a link to your content via email

  3. You can preview your release on Hospitality Net

  4. You see how many credits you have left in your current membership


Your news featured in Hospitality Net 360 - daily newsletter

Your press release will automatically be included in Hospitality Net's daily newsletter. Click here to view past newsletters.

Access to online statistics or your article

7 days after publication of your press release, you will have access to online stats of your article, generated through Google Analytics (see below image).


Questions? Use our chat-function (bottom right of this page), or contact Jill Dassen.

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