Low on credits in current membership?

Buy add-on credits if your membership has not yet expired

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This article describes which options you have when you run out of member credits while your annual membership has not yet expired.

The below chart shows content credit bundles in case you wish to purchase additional credits in a current membership.

Add-On Credits

Cost in US$

Cost in €

1 credit

225 US$

205 €

5 credits

775 US$

715 €

10 credits

1465 US$

1335 €

20 credits

2700 US$

2460 €

25 credits

3150 US$

2870 €

30 credits

3715 US$

3385 €

  • Any member credits which are not used at the end of your annual membership remain valid in case you renew your membership prior to the membership end date.

  • Before purchasing add-on credits, make sure to estimate your need for credits until your membership end-date.

  • During the last month of your current membership, you can renew/change to an alternate membership tier (downgrade to less, or upgrade to more credits).

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