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Understand Hsyndicate and learn how to post content

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What’s Hsyndicate?

With an exclusive focus on the global hospitality marketplace, Hsyndicate (the Hospitality Syndicate) serves its members as an online B2B media-hub, which provides highly targeted content marketing and advertising solutions on a variety of industry-specific online channels. Click here to learn more about Hsyndicate.

How does Hospitality Net fit into this?

Owned and operated by Hsyndicate, Hospitality Net is Hsyndicate’s most important channel website. Published since 1994, Hospitality Net is the largest B2B portal in its kind serving a global audience of hotel professionals. Hsyndicate is the only platform which enables you to post and market digital  contents on Hospitality Net. Click here to learn more about Hospitality Net.

Is Hsyndicate a free service?

As mentioned above, Hsyndicate is a membership platform. Hsyndicate offers various membership tiers whereas pricing is based on process volumes of contents. All memberships are annual and include 1) basic membership benefits included in each membership, combined with 2) publication credits which members use as a currency to pay for published and syndicate contents. 

Learn more about basic membership benefits, member credits, membership packages, and learn what’s free and what’s not on Hsyndicate's platform.


Step ONE: Create an Hsyndicate User-Account (HUA)

With your Hsyndicate User-Account you will be able to post contents for yourself (PR Agency) and/or post content for and on behalf of one or multiple clients which you have in your portfolio. 

Click here to create a new Hsyndicate User-Account (HUA). Hsyndicate will setup your account and send you an account activation email. 

Once you have activated your personal User-Account you can 1) post contents under your own name/account or 2) post content for one or multiple clients which you have in your portfolio. If you will post for/on behalf your client(s), you need to link your account with your client’s Hsyndicate User-Account (HUA). You have to go through this process even if you are posting for a single client.

Click here to link your User-Account with a client’s User-Account.

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