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What is EDM?

Electronic Direct Marketing or Email Direct Marketing (EDM) is known as a communication channel by which prospective or existing customers are sent commercial emails. It contains “call to action” appeal, either to convince people into becoming your new client or encourage the existing customers to make an immediate purchase of something escalated in the maill.

How can Hsyndicate help?

Hsyndicate can send out an EDM to the Hospitality Net email subscribers database. This enables you to reach thousands of hospitality professionals.

Hsyndicate Use Cases

Hsyndicate clients have used to send out promotions

  • Product Announcements

  • Webinars

  • Events

  • Surveys

  • e-Books

  • Educational Programs

EDM Guidelines

After purchasing an EDM please send us the information listed below. Once we receive this information we will create your campaign and send you a test.

  1. Preferred send date and time - ie. October 13, 2PM EST

  2. Subject line

  3. Email body - HTML version

  4. Email body - Text version

Testing your Email

All major email clients render emails differently and hence they look different for viewers using different devices and platforms. Please make sure to test your email before sending it to us. Putsmail (putsmail.com) is an online testing tool for emails.

Spam Compliance

To maintain compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act please make sure to include the following footer in the email body.

HTML version

<div>This email is sent to you with permission as part of your Hospitality Net registration.</div>

<div><a href="{{EmailPreferenceCenter}}" title="update">Click here</a> to update your email preferences or <a href="{{Unsubscribe}}" title="unsubscribe">click here</a> if you wish to unsubscribe.</div>

<div>Hospitality Net &ndash; Boschcour 54, Maastricht, 6221JR &ndash; The Netherlands</div>

Text version

This email is sent to you with permission as part of your
Hospitality Net registration.

Update your email preferences: {{EmailPreferenceCenter}}
Unsubscribe: {{Unsubscribe}}

Hospitality Net – Boschcour 54, Maastricht, 6221JR – The Netherlands

Email Proof

Once your campaign has been created we will send you two emails with the following subject lines:

  1. HTML Proof - Your EDM subject line

  2. Text Proof - Your EDM subject line

Once you approve the campaign we will schedule it.

Submitting your information

Please send us your campaign details via email ([email protected]). Make sure to include the html and text versions of the EDM as attachments. The deadline for submitting your campaign details is 48 hours prior to the send date, this allows us to send you the proof emails.

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