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To post an Event:

  • Log in to the Hsyndicate dashboard

  • Click Event in the left-side menu

  • Enter the Event Name

  • Select the Date in which the webinar will take place

  • Indicate the Event Venue in the text box 

  • Next, enter as much information as you want about the event in the textbox "Event Details & Information"

  • Select the focus of your webinar, for example: Finance, this is only done by ticking the box. You can select multiple topics, as long as you don't select more than 4.

  • Then, add the link to the Event information

  • And, if you have a separate link for Event registration, add that in the next text box

  • Optionally, you can add a link to the Event Brochure; Event Program; Exhibitor Information

  • If you have a Twitter hashtag, you can add it in the text box 

  • Also, if you have a Twitter page for the Event, you can add the link as well

  • And the same for Facebook; Youtube and Instagram; each of these have their own box for you to add the Event-related pages of your choice

  • You can then add the Related Photos & Videos of the Event, just make sure you upload them in the resolution that is indicated in the text box 

  • You can enter a confirmation email to make sure you receive the posting of your Event, but in order to do so, please go to "My Account", "Privacy Settings" and tick the box "I want to receive account related emails" 

  • You can then click Preview to see how your Event would look like as a post, and if you like it, just click Save & Post, and then your Event will be published.

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