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To post an Appointment:

  • Log in to the Hsyndicate dashboard

  • Click Appointment in the left-side menu

  • Upload a Head Shot of the appointee, please make sure that the size of the image is at least 200 pixels wide (tip: a LinkedIn profile picture works fine as well)

  • Add the Name of the person that has been appointed, and click Save

  • Enter the name of the Position of the appointed person, ex. General Manager

  • You can also add the LinkedIn url of the person, if you wish

  • To mention the place of where the appointee is located, you can choose the default location, or add a new one by clicking in "Add a different location", then you will be asked to write the Company Name, where you can also mention Website, Country, State and City

  • Choose the Department to which the appointed person belongs to, so from the drop-down list select the corrected one. For example, General Management.

  • If the person that has been appointed belongs to a Hotel School, you can search in the drop-down list and, select the correct one

  • Then comes Job Description & Responsibilities, so feel free to write as much as you want in the text box

  • You can enter one or multiple emails for your appointment posting to be confirmed, you can do so in Confirmation Email (just make sure that in your privacy settings (under My Account) you check "I want to receive account related emails".

  • You can then click Preview, and if looks okay, you can then click Save & Publish, then the appointment will be posted.

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