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Post a Press Release
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To post a press release:

  • Log in to the Hsyndicate dashboard.

  • Click 'press release' in the left-side menu.

  • Enter the title of the press release and optionally the subtitle.

  • Select the date that the article should be posted. It is possible to select a date in the future, in this case the article will be posted by the Hsyndicate team on the selected date.

  • Then comes 'article' where the actual article can be posted.

  • Add a boilerplate by selecting the check box. A boilerplate is usually found at the end of the press release, and briefly describes the company. It is important to keep the boilerplate clearly written, short in length and up to date. To update the boilerplate click on 'update boilerplate'.

  • Add a contact by clicking on the '+' button. Select one of the existing contacts or add a new contact by clicking on 'add contact'. Fill out the required fields and click on 'save'.

  • Add related photos, videos, documents, events, charts and infographics by clicking on the '+' button. Select one of the categories followed by one of the existing files or ad a new file by clicking on 'upload a new'. Please take note of the format requirements when uploading a new file. It is possible to 'embed' a file in the article.

  • Add the geographic relevance of the article. Please note that global, country and state can be selected by clicking on the drop down box, city has to be entered manually.

  • Select an indepth topic by clicking on the drop down box. If there is no indepth topic related to the topic of the article leave the field empty. 

  • Select the focus of the article by ticking the relevant check boxes. Please note that a minimum of one and a maximum of 4 focuses can be selected.

  • It is possible to add news links. Just copy and paste the source and/or website link in the right text box.

  • Enter one or multiple emails for the press release posting to be confirmed, this can be done so in confirmation email. Just make sure that in the privacy settings (under my account) the check box 'I want to receive account related emails' has been ticked.

  • Preview the article by clicking on the 'preview' button. If the article look good it can be published by clicking on 'save & continue' followed by 'publish article'. The article has now been published.

Please note: posting press releases is a membership benefit and requires an active membership with credits. Without an active membership and credits you can post press releases on a one-off basis. 'Click here' for more information about memberships and credits.

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