2024 MEMBERSHIP TIERS (Hotel Groups)

For hotel groups, brands and management companies

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About Hospitality Net BV

Acting as a ‘neutral’ broker and publisher of hotel business information, Hospitality Net is the #1 ranked global website for the worldwide hospitality community. Hospitality Net enables industry stakeholders to amplify visibility on its platform and connect with the industry globally through a membership business model, unlike any other publishing initiative in the industry. Members include actors throughout the hospitality spectrum - hotel groups, vendors/suppliers, associations, universities/schools, consultants, and event organizers.

By working together with respected organizations and thought leaders, we can effectively boost our member's online visibility and search rankings legitimately and ethically. This focus on sustainable SEO not only ensures compliance with search engine guidelines but also fosters a strong online reputation that stands the test of time.

HN's pledge to hotel groups/brands and management companies:

  • Act as a partner for all PR-related content matters

  • Your content indexed by google within 10 minutes after publication

  • Include direct links to your brand.com or hotel.com websites in all content items

  • Adhere to sustainable & ethical SEO practices - explained

  • Your content indexed in relevant geo-regions relevant to each content item

Choose this membership tier in case:

  • you are just interested in being listed and indexed on HN and its search engine

  • You are not planning to publish any press releases or opinion articles on HN

Overview of membership features & benefits:

  1. detailed organization profile - sample

  2. include social channels in your HN organization profile

  3. overview of related brands - sample

  4. get optimized search exposure on HN - sample

  5. gain expanded search exposure on pineapplesearch.com - sample


Annual Cost in USD$

Annual Cost in EUR€


USD$ 850

EUR€ 750

Choose this membership tier in case:

  • you plan to regularly publish press releases, appointments, hotel projects & openings, and opinion articles

Overview of membership features & benefits:

The same features and benefits as the BASIC membership, plus:

  1. publish and amplify press releases

  2. publish and amplify opinion articles

  3. publish and amplify appointments

  4. publish and amplify hotel openings, renovations, projects

  5. detailed statistics made available 7 days after publication

  6. all published content items featured in HN's daily newsletter


# of content credits*

Annual Cost in USD$

Annual Cost in EUR€



USD$ 1,250

EUR€ 1,150


USD$ 2,150

EUR€ 1,950


USD$ 3,550

EUR€ 3,200

*Content credits are a member's 'currency' to publish content on Hospitality Net. Each one of the above-listed types of content requires one (1) content credit per published item.

Choose this membership tier in case:

  • you produce more than 20 content items per year (see level 2 Newswire)

  • you are interested in sharing expert views in HN World Panel

  • you are interested in contributing to The HOTEL Yearbook

Overview of membership features & benefits:

The same features and benefits as the BASIC and NEWSWIRE membership, plus:

  1. UNLIMITED publication of news content (see Level 2 Newswire)

  2. senior executives get invited to participate in HN World Panel

  3. senior executives get invited to contribute article in The HOTEL Yearbook

  4. include CTA's in all of your content items


Annual Cost in US$

Annual Cost in EUR€


USD$ 5,500

€ 5,000







Detailed Organization profile

Related Hotel Brand profiles

Staff appointments

Amplify social media channels

Enhanced SEO in HN search

Publication of press releases

Publication of executive opinion articles

Publication of hotel openings/pipeline

Publication of podcasts

Contribute World Panel Expert views

Contribute articles in HOTEL yearbook

Annual Cost




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