This solution enables organizations to transform their broad industry know-how and thought-leadership into increased brand awareness within Hospitality Net’s ecosystem and beyond.


Unlimited amplification of your blogs: Hospitality Net will publish all of your educational (non-commercial) blogs as opinion articles on Hospitality Net. These articles will instantly be indexed by Google, will form part of Hospitality Net’s daily newsletter, and will include a link to the blog on your own website. Click here for sample statistics (20 second load time).


Unlimited publication of HN Explainers: HN Explainers provide a comprehensive explanation of terms, definitions and practices used in hospitality. Similar to a known format, HN Explainers can be seen as a "Wikipedia-style" collection of articles that decipher, decode, teach and illustrate the workings of our industry. Click here for sample statistics (20 second load time).

HN Knowledge Connect

Annual cost:

US$ 3,000 or € 2,715

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