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HITEC Express Product Video
HITEC Express Product Video

A unique opportunity for HITEC Toronto exhibitors

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  • The HITEC Express Product Video is an affordable and highly-efficient way to let HITEC attendees and the viewership of HITEC Bytes and Hospitality Net learn about your product or product innovation presented at HITEC Toronto by answering a preset list of questions. You can use the clip for your own pre-HITEC marketing and publication on your social channels.

  • RECORDING PLATFORM: We use a video-recording platform, called Vocal Video. It is easy to use as it also lets you record your clip with a smartphone. You can record via this link.

  • EXPOSURE VIA HN: HITEC Express Product Videos will be published...

  • EXPOSURE VIA HN: Once recorded, we will deliver the clip in MP4 format. You can use the clip...

    • On your social channels

    • On your website and newsletter

    • Pre-event marketing campaign

Click the below image for a sample or see HITEC 2021 samples here, here and here.

Click here for a sample Express Product Update

Questions asked in the HITEC Express Product Video

  1. Please Introduce yourself and your company?

  2. What product or products will you be presenting at HITEC Toronto?

  3. What makes your product/platform truly unique?

  4. Which hotel segments do you target with this product?

  5. How can hotels reach out to you to learn more?

Process, Guidelines & Recommendations

  • Prepare your answer for each question (see above)

  • Watch some samples before recording

  • Schedule 10 minutes to self-record your answers

  • Record your clip on your laptop or mobile device via this link.

  • Please keep the answer for each question shorter than one minute

  • No scripted answers... spontaneous answers have a lot more impact

  • Make sure to be as informative as possible, that's what people like!

  • If recording via a mobile device, it is best to record with the device in a horizontal/landscape position

  • Make sure people see you. Stay close to the camera!

  • Show you are having fun recording this clip!


  • Participation cost is US$499


In order to guarantee that the video gets published during HITEC Toronto and delivered to you in time the submission deadline is Wednesday, 21 June 2023.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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