As a sponsor of a World Panel Viewpoint, you 1) suggest the actual panel viewpoint, 2) submit an expert view written by a senior executive, 3) participate in the follow-up webinar and 4) gain brand logo recognition throughout the panel and webinar.

See sample.

Single sponsored viewpoint

US$ 4,500 or EUR 3900

Package of 2 sponsored viewpoints

US$ 8,000 or EUR 6950

Package of 3 sponsored viewpoints

US$ 10,500 or EUR 9130


Targeted exposure when you need it most with a banner campaign on the #1 B2B website for the hospitality industry. Hospitality Net serves more than 1 million impressions per month. Check out creative guidelines

250K Impressions

US$ 1000 or EUR 870

500K Impressions

US$ 1800 or EUR 1560

750K Impressions

US$ 2100 or EUR 1820

1000K Impressions

US$ 2400 or EUR 2080


Your own commercial message sent as an HTML email to Hospitality Net’s 25K+ subscriber base.. Check out EDM guidelines.

Single EDM

US$ 1600 or EUR 1390

Bundle of 3 daily editions

US$ 3600 or EUR 3130

Bundle of 6 daily editions

US$ 6000 or EUR 5220


Your sponsorship message featured in Hospitality Net’s daily newsletter, reaching 35K+ subscriber base. See sample. Check out sponsorship guidelines.

Single-day edition

US$ 1000 or EUR 870

Bundle of 4 daily editions

US$ 1600 or EUR 1390

Bundle of 8 daily editions

US$ 2800 or EUR 2450

Bundle of 12 daily editions

US$ 3600 or EUR 3130

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