This article informs you about our creative guidelines and provides instructions on how to get your newsletter sponsorship on HospitalityNet started.

Required Creative Format

  • We would need a creative (970 pixels wide and 250 pixels high; static JPG, max 200Kb) and a target URL.

  • Please note that the banner is responsive and therefore smaller on a mobile device, for example, so this has to be taken into account if there is text in the banner.

  • Click here to see a sample

Launch your campaign
Once your creative is ready, please send an email to [email protected] containing the following information:

  1. Creative (JPG file) -

  2. Target URL

  3. Requested dates of the sponsorship

Sample Newsletter with Sponsorship:

Prohibited Contents

The following content is prohibited: hate speech, defamation, tobacco, explosives and weapons, nudity, pornography, obscenity,references to sex or sexuality, illegal and recreational drugs, illegal pharmaceuticals or paraphernalia, illegal activities, violence, profanities,morally reprehensible content, piracy, misappropriation of copyright, trademark, trade secret, or patent, counterfeit goods, government forms or services, dangerous or derogatory content, shocking content, sensitive events, animal cruelty, malware, spyware, auto-downloads,auto-redirect, content that interferes with navigation or with other ads, unusual CTR, deceptive content that intends to, or does,induce user action through misleading appearance or behaviour, fake hyperlinks, content resembling Windows, Unix or Mac dialogue boxes, fake interactivity, free gifts, links to quizzes and surveys, misleading claims, content enabling dishonest behaviour, content which attempts to reveal a user’s sensitive characteristics and/or attempts to exploit these, or which could be viewed to discriminate, embarrass,offend or otherwise cause a legal or significant impact on a user

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